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The Cool Thing of the Month

Satechi Smart Travel Router
Starfleet Shield Ice Cube Tray
Vaultz Mesh Bags
Google Chromecast
Rust-Oleum NeverWet
Belkin WeMo
VHB Double-Sided Mounting Tape
Joby GripTight
LED Binohead Magnifier
Manfrotto Magic Arm
Lens Cap Holder
Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper
Black Diamond Headlamp
Driinn Mobile Phone Holder
Light Dims
HyperJuice Plug
Rinser Toothbrush
Quirky Cordlets
Quirky Bandits
Cable Clips
Swivl Personal Cameraman
Morning Mug
Fridgeezoo Pets
Finish Quantum Powerball Tabs
Contigo Travel Mug
Splash Intense Battery Pack
FlipIt USB Charger
Window Alert Decals
Perfect Ice Sphere Maker
De-3D Cinema Glasses
Alligetter Lighted Grabber
Finger Shooting Glove
LivingColors LED Lamp
USB Wall Outlet
Utili-Key Tool
Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray
Toxic Waste Drinking Glasses
Mini USB Car Charger
Cyber Clean
Drop Stop
Super Skinny Wallet
Spongioli Raviolo Sponges
Credit Card Multi Tool
Orbi Safecut
FlowLogic Water Shutoff System
Stainless Steel Wallet
Mimo Monitor
Road ID
Piao I Teapot
Photo Circle Cutter
Passport 9500ix
D+caf Caffeine Test Strips
Dissolving Toiletries
Yankee Whipper
Wall Street Guru Ball
Gorilla Pod
Braketron NavMat
Traveler's Adapter
Giottos Rocket
Fitness Caddy
Kit-In Box
AlphaPower Battery Charger
Wicked Torch
Pirate Band-Aids
Electronic Bubble Wrap
Plastic Surgeon
Hammer MultiTool
Xcuse Box
Devil Duckie
Pen Again
Carnivorous Creations Kit
String Thing
Printing Mailbox
The Handler
Tetran Earbud Eater
Office Espionage Kit
Exploding Puzzle Alarm Clock
Office Life Trophy
Flying Pig
Power Squid
Dinosaur Plant
The Clampette
Reality Stamp
Deflexion Game
Hotel Room Inspector
Das Keyboard
Travel Plug Adapter
Zip-Linq Headset
Cubicle Defender
Ambient Dashboard
Crocodile Polypus
Rubber Duck Mouse
Executive Dice
Rat Race
Cool Heat Soldering Iron
Fresh2 Bulb
Solar Plant
Ambient Orb
Travel Soother 20
The Light Doodler
Geek Coasters
The Treo 600 Smartphone
Kensington WiFi Finder
The Bosser 100DX CD Destroyer
The BugZooka
T-Mobile Color Sidekick
Freeplay Global Shortwave Radio
Accumanager Battery Conditioner
Triplett Breaker Sniff-It
Targus Defcon Ultra Notebook Security Alarm
Griffin Power-Mate
Tanita Body Fat Scale
The Hear-It-Again
The Page Out
Photon Micro-Light
The Easy Hang Up

Privacy & Safety

Duplicate Your Key with a Photo
Alternative Power Sources
Wallet Audit
Your Wallet is Gone
The Password Game
Unnatural Disasters
Preparing for Disaster
Happiness is an Empty Mailbox
How to Keep Your Private Life Private
What Burglars Don't Want You to Know
Your Home's Worst Enemy
Disaster Planning
Smart Security - Passwords (Part II)
Smart Security - Passwords (Part I)
RFID's What You Need to Know
How to Keep Your Clean License Clean
Tax Scams How to Protect Yourself and Stay Out of Trouble
Investment Scams We Won't Get Fooled Again
Scams, Cons, and Rip-offs How to Protect Yourself
Burglary Update Autoresponder Danger
Stop Telemarketing Calls - Five Things You Can Do Today

Business Smarts

Maker Faire NYC 2013
Social Entrepreneurship
Power Doodling
Print It Yourself (In 3D)
Maker Faire NYC 2012
The Trusted Traveler
Speeding Through the Airport
Maker Faire NYC 2011
Inbox Overload!
Newsletter Inspiration
The Hidden Language of Color
Using Color To Your Advantage
Power Point Danger
Report From The Maker Faire
How To Be A Business Mensch
The Plate Spinner
The Ideal Business Gift
Holiday Tipping Guide
Tipping Guide (Part 3)
Tipping Guide (Part 2)
Tipping Guide (Part 1)
Business Photography
How to Take Great Photos (Part 2)
How to Take Great Photos (Part 1)
Getting What You Want (Just Ask!)
Less Stress
How to Declutter Your Life
Getting Paper Out of Your Life
The Spam Fighter's Handbook
Email Etiquette Ten Mistakes to Avoid
Mastering Email
Page Layout
The Master Negotiator (Part III)
The Master Negotiator (Part II)
The Master Negotiator (Part I)
Anatomy of a Product Launch
Getting Started with Online Networking Systems
Electronic Schmoozing
Overcoming Distrust
Survival Skills for Business Social Events
Escape from Voice Mail Jail
Fighting "Big Box" Competition
The Entrepreneurial Myth

Technology Smarts

Keeping Your Stuff Safe & Dry
Google Alerts
Bad Combinations (PINs)
DropboxTips & Tricks
What Would You Do With Sugru?
Six More Computer Apps
Six "Must Have" Computer Apps
Solving Computer Problems
Battery Smarts
Keeping Secrets Part 4
Keeping Secrets Part 3
Keeping Secrets Part 2
Keeping Secrets Part 1
Talk is Cheap (VoIP Guide)
Master of Your Domain
Power Google
Instant Messaging for Business

Marketing Smarts

Word Clouds
Clever Promotions (Part 3)
Clever Promotions (Part 2)
Clever Promotions (Part 1)
Ads that Make You Laugh/Think
How to Think Like a Copywriter
Survey Secrets
Joint Venture Marketing
Scientific Advertising
Why They Buy
Breaking Down The Walls
The Marketing Mindset (Part 2)
The Marketing Mindset (Part 1)
Honda's Amazing "Cog" Commercial
Marketing Magic
The Secret of the Monkey's Paw
Vanity Numbers
Advertising Choices
Are Headlines Important?
How to Write a Great Sales Letter
Business Gift-Giving
What a Box of Tea Bags Can Teach You
The Three Big Ms... Market / Message / Media
How to Give an Elevator Speech
Better Business Cards

Staying Alive

Ditch Your Costanza Wallet
This is How You're Going to Die
The Quantified Self / FitBit
Losing It (With an App)
Sick In A Strange Land
Buying and Storing Food
Buying and Eating Organic
What's Good to Eat?
The Math of Fat
Smarter Exercising
The Science of Bad Breath
10 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy
Stupid First Aid Tricks
How to Save Your Own Life
Chocolate's Good For You
A Cure for the Common Cold?
The Scary Truth About Aneurysms
OK, So I Was Wrong (Maybe)
A Case of Waist
Are You a Supertaster?
Glycemic Index What You Need to Know
Low Carb Lowdown
Heart Smart Test
What's Good to Eat?
Fat Makes You Fat... Or Does It?
How to Stay Healthy... All Winter Long
High Energy
Body Mass Index
Drink More Water!

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