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Accumanager Battery Conditioner

The Accumanager Battery Conditioner
Spend a lot of money on batteries? If you've got kids, I know you do. Their toys have an insatiable appetite for those expensive little energy cells. Then there's your digital camera, PDA, MP3 player, flashlights, radios and all your adult toys. That's why you need the Accumanager 20. Recharging makes a lot more sense than buying. It'll save you money and ensure you always have a fully-charged set ready to go when you need them. If you care about the environment, you'll feel good that far fewer dead cells will end up in your local landfill. But all chargers are not created equal; the best, like the Accumanager are called "conditioners." They'll not only recharge your rechargeables (NiCads and NiMH's) without causing memory effect, they can also "top off" your regular alkalines (provided they're not run down too far). You lose a little capacity and run-time each time you recharge regular alkalines, but I've extended their life by a factor of five this way. For the true rechargeables, the Accumanager's microprocessor brain will monitor voltage and current flow, ensuring your expensive NiCads and NiMH's won't overheat, and guaranteeing you'll get the full 600-800 recharge cycles these batteries can optimally deliver. Unlike cheaper units, the Accumanager will also safely trickle charge a set of batteries, and keep them topped off at all times, ready for you to use. $60 from Cyberguys.

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