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Cool Thing of the Month

iSlice & Envelopener

The iSlice & Envelopener
In my never-ending quest to bring you the latest in strange and unusual office paraphernalia, I now present two new things you never knew you needed before today. First, the iSlice. It's a tiny little paper slicer, that uses a miniature ceramic blade. The blade is imbedded in the plastic holder, with just a sheet-of-paper-deep amount of the edge exposed. Even though it's incredibly sharp, you can run the blade over your finger and not get hurt. Therefore, unlike a pocket knife, no problem bringing your iSlice onboard an airplane.

You'll use the iSlice to cut out newspaper articles, open CD/DVD cases, remove shrink wrap, even cut through that horrible blister packaging most small electronics and toys come in nowadays.

The Envelopener uses the same type of miracle ceramic blade in a recess to cleanly trim a tiny bit of paper off the edge of your envelopes. No more chopped up correspondence caused by your old-school letter opener.

The iSlice/Envelopener pair is just $8.95 at the repository of things cool: Cyberguys. Buy them.

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