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The Master Negotiator (Part III)
Welcome to the third and final installment on negotiating. When I first started writing this series in January, I promised to "teach you almost everything I know." I now realize that's impossible. It would take a year, and I have too many other exciting topics planned for upcoming issues.

Negotiating is a very encompassing subject. It incorporates broad aspects of psychology and sociology, as well as a multitude of tactics and strategies. So... I've got a tough assignment this month. I covered fourteen basics in the past two issues, but I'm now tasked with boiling down everything else you must know, and delivering the most important seven to you in this issue.

But first, a quick review. In January we covered the basic basics:

The Negotiating "Basic Basics"

1. Never be the first to name a price.

2. Don't say yes too quickly.

3. Flinch when you hear the offer.

4. Have good alternatives in your pocket

5. Be prepared to walk away

6. No splitting the difference (unless you know what you're doing).

7. Don't make one-sided concessions.

As I mentioned then, those are the strategies the other side *expects* you'll already know. All I did in that issue was level the playing field. In February, I started to tilt it in your favor, by emphasizing the 7 critical "pre-negotiation" tasks amateur negotiators never seem to bother with:

Pre-Negotiation Priorities and Tasks

1. Thoroughly understand the other side

2. Define your boundaries.

3. Choose the right venue

4. Choose the right people

5. Agree on the subject of the negotiation

6. Schedule to your advantage.

7. Do your homework and prepare your case

In the March Urbach Letter Video, I'll continue with the advanced topics you'll need to master if you're up against the real pros.

March 2005 Negotiation Video

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March Negotiation Video

Repeat Performances
Did you miss the part one and part two videos? Here's your chance to catch up.

Part 1
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Part 2
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January Video

February Video


Great Negotiating Resources

Excellent book: Guerrilla Negotiating by Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark S.A. Smith, and Orvel Ray Wilson. Levinson is a legendary marketing genius. Mark Smith is my friend and a valued colleague.

Awesome negotiating consultant, speaker, and trainer: Jack Kaine of J.W. Kaine, Ltd. Here are some golden nuggets from a recent TEC presentation I was privileged to attend:

  • Do not bargain with yourself!

  • Questioning is OK. Arguing isn't.

  • Avoid the defend/attack death spiral.

  • Avoid using "irritators" ("generous offer," "fair and reasonable," etc.)

  • It's the quality of your points that counts, not the quantity.

  • Point out your own negative issues before the other party can.

  • Don't cut price. Add value.

  • Positive emotions make deals, negative ones break them.

  • Know how to handle an ultimatum. Ask: "Is that really in your best interest?"

Smart advice about first offer gambits and negotiating civility... from David Abeshouse, a brilliant attorney and a Master Negotiator.

The classic: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton. "Principled negotiation" gems from the Harvard Negotiation Project.

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