Typewriter From The Urbach Letter March 2008

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Cool Thing of the Month


Wicked Torch
The "Torch" from Wicked Lasers is one bad ass flashlight. This baby pumps out 4100 lumens (so-called "tactical" police flashlights only produce 200 lumens). The Torch is so bright you can set paper on fire, melt plastic, or cook an egg with it. (Don't believe me? Check the video on the Wicked Lasers site). About the size of your regular wimpy kitchen drawer flashlight, the only (slightly) negative things about the Torch are that it costs $299 and runs its batteries down in only 15 minutes. Please note: If 4100 lumens isn't enough for you, your next step up is the completely insane Polarion PH50 which uses automotive HID technology to deliver 5000 lumens. However, at $2,195 MSRP, it makes the Wicked Torch seem like a downright bargain.

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