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Cool Thing of the Month

Photon Micro-Light Picture

The Photon Micro-Light
You may not have noticed, but there’s been a quiet revolution going on. Light bulbs are out and LED’s are in. LED’s were once just those little red indicator lights on electronic equipment, but now they’re everywhere – from traffic lights (look closely, you’ll see them) to emergency exit signs, to flashlights. Perhaps you’ve seen the key-ring lights sold in catalogs – but take my word for it, the very best is the Photon Micro-Light.

Not much bigger or heavier than the coin-cell lithium battery inside, the Photon kicks out an astonishingly bright beam of light. I have one on my key-ring and use it all the time: for reading menus and concert programs, finding something I’ve dropped on the ground, and once, lighting my way down a dark stairwell when the power suddenly failed. As far as I’m concerned, this is a must-have safety item, and a wonderful, inexpensive ($16.95) gift which will be greatly appreciated by everyone who receives it.

The Micro-Light comes in several styles and beam colors (even infra-red, used by the Secret Service) but I prefer the Micro-Light II with white beam. By the way, if you’re interested in building a great ecommerce web site, study the Photon site. They’re doing everything right – sharp design, quick loading, good info, clear navigation, easy ordering, testimonials, reviews, discussion board, etc. Highly recommended. I like everything about these guys and their products. A best of the best company.

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