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This is How You're Going to Die

Are you scared of being eaten by a shark? Don't be. Worried about dying from a snakebite? Plane crash? Volcanic eruption? None of these are likely going to be the the cause of your demise. Yet, people worry about all sorts of bizarre things doing them in. Rationally, you know it'll more likely that you'll succumb to a disease of the 21st century, but what do the numbers actually say?

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At a London exhibition titled "Death: A self-portrait" which ran from November through February, there was a massive six foot high by eighteen foot long infographic dramatically illustrating all the ways people have actually died in the 20th Century. Prepared by info-guru David McCandless (author of Information is Beautiful and Datavision). Like all good infographics, this one will reward you for taking the time to examine its content up close. Even from a distance, you'll get a good sense of the things you should actually be worrying about (and hopefully be comforted by the realization that many are lifestyle-related and therefore under your control).

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