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Freeplay Global Shortwave Radio

The Freeplay Global Shortwave Radio
If you don't know why you need a good self-powered radio, you haven't read my disaster survival article yet. One dark day, this radio could be your sole link to the outside world... your only source of reliable information... your primary warning of impending danger. That's why you need a rugged radio that doesn't depend on batteries or house current to operate. The Freeplay has fail-safe technology: 55 turns of a hand-crank on the rear of the unit stores enough energy (in a patented internal spring mechanism) to power the radio for 45 minutes. A second renewable power source is a built-in solar panel on top. In direct sun, no cranking is required. It tunes in AM/FM stations as well as shortwave broadcasts. $100. Get the FPA-1 portable shortwave antenna for an extra $20 if you think you'll be tuning that band.
Freeplay GSW Radio

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