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Cool Thing of the Month

Ambient Dashboard

The Ambient Dashboard
Do you remember the Ambient Orb? The color shifting object I featured here last June? With a quick glance, you could tell if your stock was up or down, whether there was rain in the forecast, or track any other *single* thing that could be wirelessly beamed to your Orb via the Ambient Information Network. No WiFi or Ethernet or computer required. Awesome. But… what if you wanted to monitor the afternoon traffic congestion on the expressway *and* the S&P 500 *and* today's pollen count? Then you'll need the Ambient Dashboard. Imagine how cool it'll look on your desk (or mounted to a wall): its three analog indicators providing up-to-the minute status reports on your personally selected variables. Now we're talking.

Here's a partial list of the things you'll be able to track on your Dashboard:

  • DOW (DJIA)
  • S&P 500
  • Nasdaq Composite
  • Russell 2000
  • Dollar vs. Euro
  • Local Forecast
  • Weekend Forecast
  • Stock Price
  • Portfolio Value
  • Credit Card Balance
  • Emails Waiting
  • Mobile Minutes Used
  • AIM Buddy Status
  • Mileage Points
  • Allergy Index

Just be aware that some of these are "premium services" ($$) and a few are "coming attractions" due out by the end of 2005. The Dashboard comes with 30 interchangeable faceplates you can pop into any position to match your tracking variable choices.

Very new to market, and available exclusively at ThinkGeek. Hundred and fifty bucks. Small price to pay for a guaranteed conversation starter that'll receive and display your customized "executive" information. Great gift for computerphobes left behind by the information revolution.

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