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Cool Thing of the Month

Voice-It VT-300

The Voice-It
You've got a hands-free cell phone kit in your car. Great. But when you're driving down the road and someone starts giving you detailed information... phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, dates, prices… are you going to try and write all that down at sixty miles an hour? That's a bad idea.

Here's a good one: get a Voice-It… a tiny solid-state recording device that clips on to your sun visor. Push one button and record up to six minutes of detailed notes. Push another to play back. It's like a mini-tape recorder, but with no tapes to jam or degrade. You may have seen other digital mini-recorders. Most are too complicated, big, and expensive for what you really need: to simply jot some verbal notes while you're barreling down the highway. With just a few essential (tactile) buttons, the Voice-It is easy to use without looking at it. About the size of a credit card and only half an inch thick, it won't block your vision. There are several models but I prefer the VT-300, which uses a single AAA battery. The price is right at $47. There's a cheaper, thinner model (the VT-90) but it uses four expensive button batteries and the sound quality isn't as good. The Voice-It is one of those rare little technology items that enhances your life instead of complicating it.

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