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Cool Thing of the Month


Zip-Linq Retractable Headset
Got a cell phone? Silly question. Of course you do. Everybody has one. Next question: do you use a hands-free headset? Of course you don't. They're a big pain. The bluetooth ones are quirky and need to be recharged all the time. Plus you look like a total space geek... walking around with that thing clipped on your ear. The corded ones are more discreet, have superior sound quality, and don't need to be charged.

But that cord! Oy! It's almost impossible to coil neatly... and ends up in a tangled wad. Enter the Zip-Linq. Very clever. When the phone rings, you just pull out the earpiece, pop it in your lobe, and start gabbing. When you're done, a little tug, and like a window shade, the earpiece retracts smoothly into it's spring-loaded winder. There's a small answer/hang-up button on the mic node too. At $14.95 or less, it's a cheap solution to an almost universal problem.

So stop driving with that cell phone up against your head. You're going to get a ticket or cause an accident. And the microwaves sure aren't doing *your* brain any favors. Zip-Link also manufactures all manner of nifty cables for sync/charging your Palm or iPod, and connecting your computer to power, phone, or network. Check out the Road Warrior Kit (which I personally use and recommended).

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