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The Follow-up Issue

It's August and I'm looking to unload my file cabinet and publish some follow-ups to previous articles as well as a few random bits and pieces that didn't fit anywhere else.

October 2010 - Report from the Maker Faire

The 2011 NYC Maker Faire returns to the old World's Fair grounds September 17th and 18th. Get tickets here.

November 2010 - Animoto

Animoto raised $25 million in new venture financing and has been rolling out lots of improvements since I wrote about this great photo/video application 10 months ago. The Animoto "engine" has become both faster and easier to use. If you haven't given it a try yet, here's the Animoto Discount link again.

December 2010 - PowerPoint

There's tons of free instructional stuff for PowerPoint floating around on the Internet. Alas, most is crap. But PowerPoint is a mission-critical business application for many of us. If you liked my December article, and want more good tips, I can point you to a guy named Dave Paradi. He's created 83 short (~5 minute) video lessons using a nifty web presentation tool called Brainshark. Here's a sample: Revealing Infographics.

January 2011 - Using Color

Because I put the link at the very bottom of January's article on color (admittedly, a somewhat dry piece that you may have skipped over), you may have missed my recommendation to download the free trial version of Color Wheel Pro. Even if you're not a color maven, you'll have fun exploring this app, and will probably learn a thing or two.

February 2011 - Hidden Language of Color

The folks at Color Wheel Pro also have a good narrative on the meaning of various colors. If you were intrigued by the color preference graphs in this article and wanted to go deeper into the Joe Hallock study, here's a link to the full 44-page paper. (It's a large PDF so just click once and wait for it to download.)

March 2011 - Infographics

I have so many more infographics to share with you now. Here are a few you might enjoy:

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea

Dog People vs. Cat People

Fashion Scatter plot

How to Live to 100

A Century of Meat

TSA Gone Wild

April 2011 - Xobni

Xobni versions are coming for iPhone and Android soon.

May 2011 - Word Clouds

Is your password hidden in this word cloud?

Click to enlarge

Someone took the list of account passwords hacked by LulzSec earlier this year and created a word cloud from them. Who knew 123456 was that popular? Biggest surprise: "password" isn't such a good password...

Older Articles  

April, May, June, 2009 - Tipping Guide

In this 3-part article series, I concentrated on tipping norms in the United States. However, Mint.com recently created this great Tipping Around the World guide, which also has a summary of US tipping amounts.

July 2010 - Empty Mailbox

I continue to be a big fan of the nonprofit corporation Catalog Choice. They've been adding services like stopping phone book deliveries and "prescreened" credit card offers. Catalog Choice also recently endorsed the free service unsubscribe.com to help reduce your email inbox clutter too. Use the promo code "catalogchoice" to get a free lifetime license.


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