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Cool Thing of the Month

Color Sidekick

T-Mobile Color Sidekick
It's an all-in-one communication device: cell phone, email terminal, web browser with a real, usable keyboard and a sharp color screen. Super-easy to use and loaded with extra goodies, like AOL instant messaging, a snap-in color camera, personal information manager (address book, calendar, alarms, to-do list, notepad), and games. The price? Glad you asked. That's the best part of all. Just $300 out the door. Data service is reasonable too. Just thirty bucks a month for "all you can eat" data (always-on "push" email and web browsing) plus "pay as you go" voice calls for twenty cents a minute (no minimum). Or you can put any T-Mobile cellular voice plan on the Sidekick and add unlimited data for $20 a month extra. Compared to AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, and the rest, this is a bargain. Any negatives? Yes, a few. T-Mobile reception can be iffy in some areas, the current software version doesn't automatically synch with Outlook, and the device is a bit chunky. It's also the world's worst cell phone. Still, for Internet on the go at an affordable price, nothing else I've seen comes close. www.T-Mobile.com

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