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Cool Thing of the Month

Treo 600 Smartphone

Handspring Treo 600
Yep, on October 10th I was the first kid on my block to get the coolest new gadget around, the Handspring Treo 600 smartphone. How smart is it? Let's see... wireless internet access? Check. Email? Check, Palm 5.1 O/S personal organizer? Check, Real, usable cell phone? Check. You get the idea. This one has it all. Even a built-in digital camera and MP3 music player, and much more. Yes, I know, I thought the T-Mobile Color Sidekick was the cat's meow when I wrote about it in July. But I tempered its coolness, saying, among other things, the Sidekick is, "The world's worst cell phone." Not this time. No need to qualify any of the superlatives that describe this device. It simply does everything you could want in a piece of personal electronics. One more important point: when you're carrying something like this around with you all the time, looks count. The Treo 600 racks up big cool points here. It's very elegant and professional looking. Not geeky at all. The only drawback? Not cheap at $700 (about $450 with new activation) and only available from Sprint as I'm writing this. However, T-Mobile and AT&T versions are imminent. Verizon is still on the fence. Regardless, cell phone number portability is coming soon, making the switch much easier. Want it? Get your Treo 600 from the good guys at TreoCentral.

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