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Cool Thing of the Month

BreathAlert Photo

The BreathAlert
Itís a tiny electronic bad breath detector. The BreathAlert wonít tell you if other people have bad breath; you donít need any help with thatÖ youíll know. Whatís sometimes hard to know is if your own breath smells bad. Bad breath comes from many different sources Ė not just onions and garlic Ė and we aren't always aware when our own breath is offensive to others. Most people are too polite (or embarrassed) to tell you that your breath stinks. Thatís where the BreathAlert comes in handy. Itís silent and can be used quite discreetly. You simply push the button and breathe into it. Within seconds, it shows your reading on a graphic display, ranging from level one (fresh as a daisy) to level four (your breath will wilt flowers). You can also do before-and-after checks to see if your breath mints are working. The BreathAlert is from Tanita, and sells for $30.

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