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Cool Thing of the Month

Orbi   SafeCut

Orbi SafeCut
Can openers haven't changed much in 100 years. Regular "crank-style" openers are a pain to use, leave jagged can edges, and often cause the dirty can top to sink down into your food. Yuck. Meanwhile, clunky electric openers take up lots of room on your counter and usually suffer from the same defects as a manual, including the delightful "crud-encrusted cutting wheel."

Enter the Orbi SafeCut... Ergonomically designed so that your palm rests upon a contoured can-top stabilizer, its "SafeCut" mechanism actually reverses the factory seal -- leaving both can and lid edges perfectly smooth. Orbi's cutting mechanism never touches the contents, and the lid cannot fall inside to contaminate your food. $10.95 at The Gourmet Depot.

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