Typewriter From The Urbach Letter November 2009

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Cool Thing of the Month


FloLogic Automatic Water Shutoff System
Described by Popular Science as a "Circuit breaker for your home's plumbing system," the FloLogic System™ is an automatic water shutoff system that constantly monitors all water coming into the home and detects any unusual flow. If water flow exceeds a preset limit, the System automatically shuts off the water and sounds an alarm. The System does all of this from a single point in the water main, serving as a first line of defense against water damage. The FloLogic System consists of a flow sensor and user interface that controls a motor-driven ball valve. The System can also be connected to any home security system, alerting your monitoring service when a leak is detected. Order direct from FloLogic. Not cheap at $1,095 but you may qualify for a substantial homeowners' insurance premium reduction. Ask.

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