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Cool Thing of the Month


The Page-Out
You’ve got an answering machine or phone company voice mail at home, and company voice mail or a second answering machine at work. They’re an integral part of modern life. However, one frustration with these machines is not knowing if somebody’s left an important message for you while you’re out and about. Technology to the rescue! If you’ve got a pager or page-enabled cell phone, you’re going to love the Page-out. It plugs into your phone line and monitors your answering machine or phone company voice mail (however, it doesn’t work with corporate voice mail systems).

When someone leaves a message, the Page-out captures Caller-ID info and sends it to your pager or page-enabled cell phone. You therefore not only know a message was left, but if you recognize the phone number, you’ll know who left it, and can better judge whether you should respond right away. So much better than calling into your machine again and again to see if you’ve got a message waiting or not. As a nice added bonus, you can also wire the Page-out in to your burglar alarm system, and it’ll send you a special code if the alarm is tripped. A lot of capability in a $40 device.

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