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Cool Thing of the Month

Crocodile Jaw Ear Polypus

Crocodile Action Ear Polypus
I love tools. Always have. Always will. Especially ones that are finely crafted, and solve a difficult problem. The "Crocodile Action Ear Polypus" is such a tool. Actually it's a brilliantly designed surgical instrument, used to remove foreign objects and perform surgery inside the ear. It may look like a common hemostat, but instead of opening like a scissor or plier, only the tiny "crocodile jaws" at the very end open and close.

See the Crocodile Action Ear Polypus in action in this Quick Video.

Now, I realize you may not be planning to perform ear surgery anytime soon, and are therefore asking yourself, "Why would I need an Ear Polypus?" Granted, this is not a tool you'll reach for very often. However, when you need to retrieve an object that's fallen in a tiny, inaccessible place, or to thread a piece of string through a narrow hole, or for other kinds of "micro-manipulation," no other tool will work as well.

From the very geeky tool-lovers' catalog, MicroMark. Comes in three sizes; I own the $23.95 medium-sized one.

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