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The Master Negotiator (Part II)
Welcome back. We're going to pick right up where we left off last month and resume this series on becoming a better negotiator. Keeping with the new format, the "meat" won't be found in the words on this page, but rather in the accompanying video seminar. However… human nature being what it is… there's a pretty good chance, left to your own devices, you will NOT invest the time to watch and learn from the video. I know you're busy, reluctant to stop and click that button. Big mistake. On several counts.

Here's why you should invest the next 8 minutes in the mini-seminar

One: I've got some really awesome stuff in there for you. Great negotiation techniques you can put to immediate use in your business and your life.

Two: the reason I'm producing the video (instead of writing long articles) is because it presents maximum *retainable* information in minimum time.

Three: The future of business communication is multimedia: delivering important messages simultaneously through video, audio, and text. You need to get on board.

Four: We live in an overcommunicated age. People are bombarded by an unending stream of advertising messages, emails, voicemails, PowerPoints, etc. If your personal success depends upon influencing other people (and no matter what your profession, it does), then you ought to become a student of effective communication. Don't just sit there passively, surfing through your day. Here's your chance to see how I boil down complex topics and deliver them to you in a concise, entertaining way.

OK. I've already written more words than I wanted to. Go hit that Play Now button already!

LamerWhat Kind of Person Are YOU?
There are two kinds of people in this world. The first: a pretty sad lot... individuals who go through life passively, accepting whatever crumbs other people cast their way. Those folks are easy to spot. They're often passed over for promotions, have out-of-control kids, pay more than they should for nearly everything, and most sadly, are totally unaware of a core reason for all this (bad negotiation skills).

But then, the other kind of people: Urbach Letter readers... already quite savvy, but always eager to polish their skills and learn new things that will get them ahead in work and life. But even among my valued subscribers, there are some who need a little nudge from me to do something important. Therefore, this harangue, imploring you to leave the comfort of this familiar page... and venture into the scary world of multimedia video.

But fortune favors the bold! Click the button right now to begin.

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February 2005 Urbach Letter Video Magazine

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