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Cool Thing of the Month

Ambient Orb

The Ambient Orb
The Ambient Orb is an intriguing frosted glass sphere linked to a wireless network that subtly shifts among thousands of colors to display real-time information. Personalize your Orb to track the stock market, weather conditions, pollen forecasts, public opinion polls, traffic conditions, and other information streams. Continually updated via a wireless network, it glows green as the stock market rises, for example, and red as it declines. Linked to the National Weather Service, it displays spring green for comfy seventies, deep blue for chilly thirties, and softly pulses if raining. Just plug the Orb into any standard power outlet, call the toll free number to program your Orb, and it is up and running on a nationwide, 24/7 wireless network. No Internet connection is required. About $150 from the Discovery Channel Store or direct from Ambient (cool web site).

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