Typewriter From The Urbach Letter March 2007

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Cool Thing of the Month


The Annoy-A-Tron
Surely you know someone who deserves this. Somebody who's made your life miserable. The Annoy-A-Tron is a little electronic gizmo that's guaranteed to drive that person absolutely insane. Once hidden in their workspace or residence, this revenge device will emit a short but highly annoying beep at random intervals. The pitch and variable timing of these beeps make the Annoy-A-Tron nearly impossible to locate within a room. The battery lasts for 3 weeks, by which time the person who's done you wrong won't have a single functioning synapse left. WARNING #1: this is serious stuff. By deploying this electronic warfare device, you will raise the cruelty bar. Please make sure your victim really deserves what you're about to do to him or her. WARNING #2: If you deploy this at work, and are found out, you very well might get fired. OK? If you want one of your own, order it for $10 from the evil geniuses at ThinkGeek.

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