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Cool Thing of the Month

Easy Hang-up

The Easy Hang-up. One of those little things you never knew you needed… but can’t live without after you have it. The Easy Hang-up plugs into your telephone and makes it much easier to deal with the inevitable telemarketing calls that disturb your peace or concentration. As soon as you determine a telemarketer is about to waste your time, just push the big button and hang up the phone. The Easy Hang-up will take control of the line and play this message:

 “I’m sorry, this number does not accept this type of call. Please regard this message as your notification to remove this number from your list."

Then it hangs up the phone. Easy… and somehow quite satisfying. Formerly a catalog item selling for about $20, I’ve seen it sold for as little as $5 (in a CompUSA store). As they say, “Makes a great gift…”

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