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Clever Promotions (Part 2 of 3)
Picking up where we left off last time, here are more really clever ads and promotions from the Urbach swipe file. Whether you use these as I do (as inspiration for new and original concepts), or simply to enjoy as examples of what can happen when you color outside the lines, I hope you enjoy this second installment of the three-part series.

Wrong Job Vending People

Click these to enlarge:

"Life's too short for the wrong job." So says the vending machine wrappers promoting JobsInTown.de, a German job-hunting site. Absolutely brilliant concept and hilarious execution. A++

Iams Wag Tail

British taxis have a rear windshield wiper: a feature put to very good use in this promotion for Iams dog food. Whimsical, effective, and memorable. This has to make you smile and feel good about the product.

Yoga Center

A yoga instructor placed these imprinted flexi-straws at fruit-juice bars frequented by her target audience. I love the visual onomatopoeia.

Nail Biter

This wonderfully creative bag-promo was designed for Stop 'n Grow, a European nail-biting deterrent. Strategically-placed handles create the dramatic effect. 10,000 were distributed by German pharmacies. I understand that the designers are working on a promotion for hemorrhoid cream now.

Papa John's Peephole Trick

This one was a prize winner at the Cannes Advertising Festival, although it wasn't widely deployed. Apparently, Papa John's tried it but some people complained that the faux pizza boy scared them and the campaign was cancelled. Shame. There's not nearly enough cleverness in the advertising realm. <rant mode on> If you aren't making a few sensitive people a little upset on a regular basis, you're probably not marketing hard enough! </rant mode off>

Spicy Pizza Ad

Don't know the back-story on this one. Great concept and art direction though.

Traffic Stopper

Father and son business partners Clifford and Brett Wilkins erected this 50 foot high "sign" for their big-rig chrome accessories company. They up-ended an actual 18-wheeler and set its nose in cement. The promo was picked up by several national magazines, and has become a town landmark in Tonkawa (right off Interstate 35 at exit 211).

Schmeckt Hervorragend

Translation: "Tastes Great." This is one from a series of seven European truck ads that appear to use an ingenious "wrap" to create the optical illusion of a trailer with two sides missing. Is it quitting time yet?

Hope you enjoyed this issue. I've got a few more crafty promos left to share with you next time.

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