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Cool Thing of the Month


The ZenCase
Zen because it resembles the Chinese Yin/Yang symbol. Case because it protects your important data or music CD's. ZenCases are *the* class way to store and transport disks. I love great design. It's fascinating to me when someone takes a mundane item of daily life and transforms it into a beautiful, functional mini-work of art. ZenCases are more than pretty. They're a pleasure to use, opening with a unique sliding motion (no delicate hinges to crack) and closing with a secure and satisfying click. These cases also feature "Edge Containment Technology," a fancy way of saying, "Holds your disks by their edges only." That protects the delicate data surface. At about 50 cents each, they're more expensive than ordinary CD cases. However, I consider ZenCases a cheap marketing tool. When I send a video CD or DVD presentation to someone, it travels in a ZenCase, and makes a very positive impression… even before the disk is played. Flash movie. Available at Cyberguys and Wal-Mart.

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