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Marketing Tip of the Month - Why Your Business Card is Costing You Business!

In my line of work, I get to see dozens of new business cards every week. Fewer than one in ten does anything more than give out “name, rank and serial number.” Yawn. The vast majority fail to create a positive impression. Many business cards even go in the opposite direction… and create a negative impression. Ouch!  What does your business card say about you? Probably not much. That’s too bad; it could do so much more:

• Start new relationships off on the right foot.

• Position you as a key player in your field.

Present a compelling reason to take things to the next level.

• Deliver your “UCA” (Unique Competitive Advantage).

• Serve as an “ambassador” for you and your business.

• Control your contact options.

• Establish your personal “theme.”

So... take a fresh look at your card and give some thought to how it could be working harder for you. I'll have more on this topic in future letters; it's that important.

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