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Cool Thing of the Month

Deflexion Game

Didn't get any fun and interesting gifts for Christkwanukah? Neither did I. No matter. One great thing about being an adult is having the money to buy our own toys and games. Like Deflexion: "The Ancient Game of Laser Tag." It's the perfect board game. Easy to learn but hard to master, very fast and fun, and quite addictive. Plus, each player gets their own personal laser [gratuitous Dr. Evil reference deleted]. If that's not enough, there's an added bonus for those of Hebrew ancestry. The object of the game is to kill a Pharaoh!

Here's how it's played: (1) In addition to the aforementioned lasers, you get thematic game pieces: pyramids, djeds, and obelisks. (2) Some of the pieces are outfitted with mirrors, set to bounce the laser beams off at 90 degree angles. (3) By placing your pieces strategically, you'll block your opponent's laser and direct yours to strike the enemy Pharaoh. Fun! (I especially dig that Deflexion was created and is marketed by two Tulane engineering grad students.) $40. Order direct from www.deflexion.biz.

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