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Cool Thing of the Month

Cubicle Defender

The Cubicle Defender
Spending your waking hours in a cube is bad enough, without marauding, rapacious "co-workers" intruding on your pitifully limited "personal space." Well... the next time Harry from accounts receivable attempts to "borrow" your stapler while you're "taking care of business" in the "executive lounge," what a surprise you'll have for him! The moment he crosses your entry portal, the Cube Defender will explode into action, pelting the unsuspecting intruder with a barrage of foam shruikens.

Foam Shruiken

Not a cube dweller? Not a problem. For home use, the Defender is also excellent for keeping cats off your dining room table. 19.99 GBP (about $35 US) at I Want One of Those.

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