Typewriter From The Urbach Letter April 2008

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Cool Thing of the Month

LaCrosse BC-900

AlphaPower Battery Charger
Meet the smartest battery charger around, the BC-900 from La Crosse Technology. If you use rechargeable AA's and AAA's (and you should!), this is your charger. Of course the BC-900 will charge them up, but it'll do much more... to save you money and maximize the utility of your NiCad and Ni-MH batteries. The BC-900 has the ability to automatically refresh and revitalize cells suffering from memory effect. It also has a test mode to tell you EXACTLY how much juice your various batteries can hold before you pick one to pop in your digital camera (or whatever). The BC-900 Comes with a bunch of handy adapters so your AA's can work in devices that normally take C or D cells. Lists for $80 but I got mine on Amazon for exactly half that. Video

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