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Cool Thing of the Month

Power Clip

The PowerClipper
Am I stretching things this month? After all, just how cool can an office supply item be? Well, if we're talking PowerClipper, pretty cool. Until now, when it came time to attach a few sheets of paper together, your choices were limited to either staples or paper clips. A staple is OK if you don't intend to take things apart, but they're a pain to remove if you do, and then leave unsightly holes in your documents. Paper clips never seem to hold tightly enough. They're always coming off when you least want them to. Enter the PowerClipper. The little stainless steel clips hold from 2 to 40 sheets very tightly, but can be removed without defacing the paper. Applying them is easy with the PowerClipper. You just slide the papers in and push the top button forward. Excellent for attaching your business card to a brochure or cover letter. Adds a bit of class to your correspondence too. Just $4.50 from the excellent Garrett Wade catalog.

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