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Clever Promotions (Part 1 of 3)
This month and for the next two, I'm sharing the contents of my promotional "swipe file" with you. What's a swipe file? It's a place to keep clippings, photos, ideas, and interesting stuff that I collect in my travels. I'm always on the lookout for clever ideas and "out of the box" thinking, particularly related to marketing and communications. When I'm trying to come up with a new idea for an ad or promotion for my company, I'll flip through the swipe file for inspiration. Sometimes that's all it takes to create something fresh and original.

Karate School Poster

Pow! Breaking pine boards is so Ralph Macchio. Real men break concrete sidewalks. At least that's the impression created by these cleverly-placed posters.

Break Glass in Case of Adventure

Nissan created a 3-dimentional billboard by enclosing it's newly launched Armada SUV in a transparent shipping container and placing it in dense urban areas like Times Square and South Beach Miami. It was moved to different locations at night, mysteriously appearing in time for early-morning commuters, whose reactions were filmed and used in a subsequent TV ad campaign. In-the-box, out-of-the-box thinking.

Back Seat Safety

Residents of Manukau City in Auckland, New Zealand were reminded to buckle up by this clever extra-dimensional billboard design. The physics are quite compelling. Front seat or back, in a crash, the car stops but you keep moving...

Morning Brew

On a cold winter morning, Folgers made New Yorkers look twice with these manhole cover appliqués. Very realistic looking. Too bad what comes out of Manhattan's streets doesn't exactly smell like freshly-brewed coffee.

Billboard Topiary

I don't know the back-story on this one. Perhaps Johnny Depp had something to do with it.

Abstinence Message

Teenagers in South Eastern West Virginia were exposed to this in-your-face highway billboard.

Save Electricity

Here's a way to cut your billboard lighting costs by 75%. Very clever concept, but unfortunately loses about 99% of its communication power during daylight hours.

Handyman Van

I have no idea if this was intentional or not. Sure is funny though.

Lego Buildings

No, these buildings in Santiago Chile are not constructed out of giant Legos. A toy distributor there spent just $5000 on huge optical illusion posters to transform 5 buildings.

Choose Your Color

Brilliant print ad campaign from Benjamin Moore Paints. The tag line reads: "We'll Match It."

Hope you enjoyed these.

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