Typewriter From The Urbach Letter October 2008

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Cool Thing of the Month


The Braketron Nav-Mat
GPS units have become very popular... especially among thieves. They cruise shopping center and office parking lots looking for them. Even if you take the suction cup mount off your windshield, it leaves a highly-visible ring, alterting "smash & grab" thieves. Not good. Drilling holes for dash or console mounting isn't a good option either, especially in leased cars. That's why I love the Braketron Nav-Mat. It has a weighted (very) non-skid base that conforms to the contours of your dash and uses the stock GPS windshield mount. The Nav-Mat holds your device firmly but can be quickly stashed under your seat when you leave the car. Braketron also makes versions for iPods, radar detectors, satellite radios, and cell phones. $27.95 at Buy.com.

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