First Aid Kit Photo

First Aid Kit Checklist

Items Recommended by the American Red Cross

  Item Notes
Checkbox (20) adhesive bandages  Various sizes
Checkbox (1) 5" x 9" sterile dressing  
Checkbox (1) conforming roller gauze bandage  
Checkbox (2) triangular bandages  
Checkbox (2) 3 x 3 sterile gauze pads  
Checkbox (2) 4 x 4 sterile gauze pads  
Checkbox (1) roll 3" cohesive bandage  
Checkbox (2) germicidal hand wipes Or waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Checkbox (6) antiseptic wipes  
Checkbox (2) pair large medical grade non-latex gloves Nitrile recommended
Checkbox Adhesive tape, 2" width  
Checkbox Anti-bacterial ointment  
Checkbox Cold pack  
Checkbox Scissors (small, personal)  
Checkbox Tweezers  
Checkbox CPR breathing barrier, such as a face shield  
Checkbox Sterile burn dressings  
Checkbox Aspirin or nonaspirin pain reliever  
Checkbox Anti-diarrhea medication  
Checkbox Antacid (for stomach upset)  
Checkbox Syrup of Ipecac Use to induce vomiting if advised by the Poison Control Center
Checkbox Laxative  
Checkbox Activated charcoal Use if advised by the Poison Control Center


Updated September, 2011